This song will change your life.

This song changed my life. Helped me realize there’s so much more to life than consumption, that FOMO is fake, while YOLO is probably true.

Back in early 2000’s, my ride was grandpa’s old Renault 5. Three doors, green-ish colour, nice little ride, with suspension so bad it felt at times like it had square wheels.

Oh, how I loved driving that car! For it took me places, it took me away from despairs of my hometown, and into the bright future.

It was my ride for the journey of life. A change. Freedom.

It was the quarantined environment without anybody falling victim to my terrible singing.

I’d lit a cigarette, and play music at maximum volume those old speakers could handle.

„… with them windshield wipers slapping time, 

and Bobby clapping hands, 

we finally sang up every song that driver knew.



I’d sing from the top of my lungs, and I truly believed that busted old Fiver could take me all the way to New Orleans. From Maribor, Slovenia.

Youth has no limits.

As we entered the digital music age, I couldn’t afford a CD-player for my old car. But then Steve Jobs showed me the future — iPod shuffle. Little, white, neat, affordable player. I instantly fell in love with it. And Apple. And Steve.

I had this little black fake cassette, with a cable, and an audio jack you could put into the car stereo, connect to the iPod on the other end, and play digital music.

I used to hang that cable around the rear view mirror, and just let Shuffle dangle during the ride.

And then I entered the Sunscreen era. Not sure where I first heard it, but I immediately knew I had to have that song. Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen.

That song inspired me to many right choices. Important lifestyle decisions. That song changed my life.

So here it is, just for you, my dear Reader.

Take your headphones, or your loudest speakers, and play it. LOUD. Repeat.

I hope it changes your life. If it doesn’t, you haven’t heard it yet.

Play again. And again. And again. Thank me later.

God bless!