inspired by The Minimalists


I love minimalism, simplicity, cleanliness. Cutting down possessions, sticking to the essentials, and focusing on the value versus volume. Quality over quantity.
Listening to The Minimalists helps me appreciate and notice the small things. Pleasant greenery of the plants, the wine’s aroma, the spirituality of the incense. Beauty of a clean road. Blessing of a nice sunny day. Amazingness of life. Owning less is having more.

It’s nice to be a writer. Expressing oneself through a written word can leave a long-lasting dent in the universe. I want to leave a positive one. Some wisdom I’ve acquired through thousands of hours of studying life, health, sports, business, people, relationships, spirituality, mindfulness, …
Millions of words written down in my daily essays, I need to filter that into a book. NaNoWriMo is a nice time to play this game, but I don’t need to limit myself. I can keep writing, get the wireframe out there. Then I can cut away, and shape it into a readable format. Publish.

Another thought that came to my mind today, is that there’s no need to wait for some life-altering event to happen before making a big life change.
You don’t need to wait to get terminally ill, or lose a loved one, or your job, or just being abandoned by a partner.
No, you can have a perfectly fine life, and start improving it. Change your diet before you’re severely obese. Quit smoking before you get diagnosed with cancer. Move more before your first heart attack. Start saving before getting bankrupt. Tend to your hobbies before losing your job.
There is no need to give out this impression that something big must go down before you change. You can snap your fingers and decide you’ll do something different right now. Start. Yes, go ahead now.

God bless!

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