Don’t cheat your employer. Become an intrapreneur.

My airport office at Ljubljana Jože Plečnik airport business lounge.

Freelance porn went mainstream. It seems like everybody has a plan for a side gig, for getting away, exiting the hamster run, escaping into the heavenly fields with no bosses, no mean Fortune corporations, …

If you Google search for term side hustle,, you’ll get millions of results. There is a whole world movement of freelance porn, people cherishing the god of freedom.

And the ones making money are actually the ones selling to freelance-wannabes. Like bloggers making money writing about blogging. How meta is that!

Usually, the instructions go something like this: find your passion, turn it into a business, start selling it, but don’t quit your day job until it works out.

And if it doesn’t — since most of these gigs don’t — well, the worst thing that happens is, you stay on your daily grind.

What bothers me is this: why does anyone think it’s their right to steal from their current employer?

Even if that’s a big, mean, Wall-Street-driven monster (as they’re usually pictured).

Who gave you the right to steal from it? To work on your personal projects while on their paycheck, on their premises, on their systems?

Painting an ugly picture of the corporate employer is, of course, a must — just like going to war involves dehumanizing the enemy. Stapling a stereotype to them.

If they’re just a wife-beating, extremists who want to decapitate all of us; or dark refugees who want to destroy our heaven; or black; or yellow; or Russian; or Korean; … it’s easier to gather the troops, and go after them.

And it’s exactly the same thing with companies. The moment we associate them with mean machinery, that’s when we lose sympathy for them.

They are not organizations of individual people, joined together to work, achieve common goals, and make a living at it.

Once it’s not about Jack the CEO, Martha VP of Sales, Annette from Marketing, and Julian from Accounting; but they turn into a CORPORATION, that’s when it’s OK to hurt them.
It’s OK to do personal things during working hours. It’s OK to cheat on expenses. It’s OK to steal.

Or is it?

Stop making excuses.

What about deciding to realize your dreams within your company?
What about spitting in your hands, rolling up the sleeves, and putting together a great plan?
On company time, for the benefit of the company. And yourself.

What about taking that plan, going to your boss, and saying:“Look, I made this. What do you think?“

And asking him to go to his boss, and to whoever can green-light your wonderful idea.

Yes, it’s tough. Nobody said it will be easy. But it’s the right thing to do. Stealing is wrong. And easy.

It’s called being an intrapreneur.
Entrepreneur within existing organization.
Every company needs those, they always had. It’s just that in the modern days, it has a name, and it’s becoming a do- or die.

You can be the one starting this snowball in your corporation. Start by reading James Altucher’s The Rich Employee.
And then go for it.

What if they come back, and say No, you ask? —Well, you can still quit, and go pursue your wonderful idea, leaving your dent in the universe.
The honorable way.

It’s going to be a great story once you win. A story about corporate buffs letting this great billion-euro idea slip.

That’s probably exactly how your current employer’s story started.

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision. (Peter F. Drucker)

All the great success stories start with a tough situation. And then it’s merely a decade to your overnight success.

Get the fuck outta her now. Intra or extra. Your choice. Just be honorable.

And may God bless you on your endeavors!

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