Understand these 6 trends to be happy at work & life.


I. IT is dead.

The future of IT is going the way of the cloud. And that the traditional infrastructure as we know today, is sentenced to death.

In the future, nobody will know (or care) where exactly their data is stored. But it will surely not be on-premise. There’s no reason to keep your data on premise.

It’s cheaper, faster, more reliable in the cloud. And you pay as you need it. No extra infrastructure needed. And you kill and forget it once you don’t need it anymore.

The whole IT is going out of the traditional data centers. There’s no point for them to exists. They’re complex, expensive, tough to manage, and they break every couple of years. Why would a new company today have their own local server? Or storage? Or their own IT guy?

IT is dead.

II. The unequipped worker is dead.

BYOD has produced a number of self-supported, self-equipped workers. Once you put all your apps in the cloud, and access them from the browser, it doesn’t matter what kind of a computer, tablet, phone, watch — or any other device your user has. Access is ubiquitous. User identification is the only thing needed. And they can work anywhere, anytime.

Connecting LinkedIn with Microsoft also means you’ll be able to take all your products with you — BYOS (Bring Your Own Subscription) — as the “jobs” shift to “projects”, you’ll no longer be changing your phone number, your devices, your software, nor will the companies be buying those for you.

I believe the worker of the future will poses devices and apps, just like we posses skills.

This will be the basic expectation from any prospect hirers. Like speaking foreign languages, or driving skills.

And they will be more important than formal education. Imagine that your CV has listed: iOS device, with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce.com accounts. Android, and Windows mobile available as well.

The unequipped worker is dead.

III. Education is dead.

The learning is changing into a lifelong thing as well. A worker of the future will be expected to self-educate, online or offline — as she pleases — on her own time, on her own terms. MOOC  learning is the university of the future. And it doesn’t end with a degree or a diploma — it’s a continuous improvement process, lifelong learning, to keep up with the progress.

So you don’t become obsolete. That degree completed a long time ago doesn’t mean crap anymore.

Continuous learning, specializations, and your recommendations are everything.

Education is dead.

IV. The office is dead.

So imagine your LinkedIn profile as your official public personal brand. It keeps your work history, your learning, your skills, your aspirations.

It could be connected with a cloud HR system, like Workday or something — and thus could automatically do your taxes for the projects you complete. Hell, it might even be exported for your retirement data in the end.

And you can get a score — something like an Amazon or TripAdvisor rating — employers write you reviews (recommendations) and you get a star rating.

That rating, the reviews, and your price determines your future gigs. “Buy now with 1-Click”.

Imagine your services being procured through Amazon. And you’re able to work globally. For a customer in the USA, in EU, India, China, wherever. This is the future of work.

The office is dead.

V. Ownership is dead.

And, since our preferences are moving from ownership into usage, sharing economy and subscription-based models will rule the future.

Think of the sharing economy like the cloud of your life.

You don’t need to own your car anymore. You pay for transportation. When you need it, where you need it, by a minute, or second.

Same like you don’t own a plane or train. You pay to travel with it when appropriate. Life for rent.

Don’t think of it in the industrial-era terms of not owning anything. Think of it as a freedom to live light. Nothing is holding you down. You pay only what you consume. You’ve got time to focus on what’s important. Relationships. Yourself.

Ownership is dead.

VI. TV is dead.

Don’t be passive, sitting on a couch, gaping at the commercials. Take the 21st-century device, and make your own program. There’s Netflix. YouTube. Apple Music. Online news.

You get to choose what you watch. Based on your filters, preferences, and behavior that your cookies learned from you.

Choose to switch off when needed. Schedule some offline time. Be with your partner, your children. Your closest ones.

And make sure to be selective about what media you’re consuming. Watching only #Fail videos probably won’t help your career. Have some balance.

TV is dead.

VII. Work-Life balance is dead.

Stop talking work-life balance. If you try balancing it, you’ll fail on both accounts. Unemployed have great -life balance. Bachelors have outstanding -work balance.

That’s all bollocks. There is no balance. It’s work-life integration. A continuum. Your work is your life, your life is your work. Start looking at it this way, and you’ll be much happier.

Don’t suffer through bad work hoping for a better one in the future. You’ll be miserable most of your life. Learn to love the work you have. You’ll be better at it. Get paid better. Get promoted. Receive a better offer. It snowballs.

Work-life balance is dead.

Live, learn, enjoy the ride. Invest money into experiences, travel, self-improvement. Grow yourself.

As Steve Jobs said it, ”Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

You are alive. 

God bless you!

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