Little things that we never do

imageIn February 2016 I got inspired by Medium, and published this short story titled  581 words from Warsaw.

In it, I wrote about the little wish to go sightseeing:

but I never really went to do any planned sightseeing. Haven’t visited any museums. And there are some I’d really like to see. Like the Invisible Museum where they turn you into a blind person and you get to experience what they live every day. And surely I’d like to go to the Big Bastard’s 30th floor deck and take some shots. And probably the old Gestapo HQ. That would be a plan I might be able to fit into one of the days after all the meetings are finished. Yes, I should definitely put that on my plan for next visit in April.

But I haven’t done it that April. Nor will I do it this April. Because – life.

I will be in Warsaw a dozen or so times this year, and could build a short, sightseeing getaway into my schedule. But I won’t. It’s not a priority. I will find time to sit in my favorite spot on the windowsill, overlooking the big bastard, inhale Chopin’s magic, and scribble down my ideas.

So why do we do this; skip these tiny potential joys, that need a little money, almost no effort, yet we don’t do them? It’s not a lack of time, there’s never a lack of time. It’s the absence of motivation. It’s not a priority.

Do I regret not sightseeing in Warsaw? Nope. Otherwise, I’d do it already. Not a priority, dziekuje bardzo.

God bless you, Warsaw & Poles, my fellow Europeans!

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