Get paid. Get laid. Lose weight.

Get paid. Get laid. Lose weight. The first time I read this was from James Altucher — either on his blog, or from his book (The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth).

And he said that these are the three things people will pay money for. It’s true, it’s what I’m paying money for. It’s what interests me, it’s what’s interests everybody. And it’s catchy, it could be tagline for my blog. Actually, I’m going to the WordPress site, and updating it right now ;-)


I’ll need to define those categories, and also publish these descriptions on the blog, so people will be clear about the meaning. While Get Laid is a bit controversial, I actually believe that’s a good thing — a conversation starter, emotion sparker, something that makes it memorable. It plays on basic human emotions.

So let’s make more detailed descriptions.

Get Paid. 

This is the category where you’ll find posts related to your professional growth, and development. Anything from basic learning, skills, trainings, and reading will be in here, as long as it’s related to your job, and getting better at it. Basically, the things you get paid for. Ora et labora, according to Saint Benedict.

Get Laid. 

This is your personal growth, and development. It’s all about making you a better person, partner, spouse, human being.

Basically, this is the Mens sana part of the Mens sana in corpore sano (Healthy mind in a healthy body) quote.

Sorry to disappoint you, –it’s not about sex. Or at least not directly. Not a lot. Well, it IS about sex, since EVERYTHING is about sex? :-)

Lose Weight. 

In here you’ll find anything related to healthy living, active lifestyle, sports, and the corpore sano part of the “Healthy mind in a healthy body” phrase.

God bless!


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